Wacker Neuson
CT36-5A Trowel

The CT36 Wacker Neuson Power Trowel we have for sale in Lincoln, offers perfect concrete finishing results every time. Features a trowel diameter of 915 millimeters – ideal for finishing medium areas. The trowels are optimally balanced, therefore they can be effortlessly controlled in the wide range of speeds. The transmission brake, electronic safety switch and engine speed sensor offer additional triple protection for the user.

In an emergency situation the device will simply switch off and the handle will come to a stand-still after no more than a three-quarter turn. Furthermore, the unit will only start if the throttle lever is set to zero. This prevents an inadvertent rotation of the handle on start-up.

  • Performance classes from 5.7 to 9 hp
  • Different engine options
  • Variable speeds: Low speeds for floating, high speeds for polishing
  • Blade pitch up to 30°
  • Emergency shutdown

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